About Us

  Longhai City Wynn to Food Co., Ltd.  was founded in 1989, mainly engaged in the mushrooms, straw mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, green beans, peanuts, mushrooms, water chestnuts, hemp, bamboo shoots, lychees as the main agricultural products deep processing. Company covers an area of about 19,998 square meters, construction area of 5,000 square meters, the production of raw materials and finished goods warehouse and plant the whole plant planning standards in full compliance with HACCP requirements, the company since its inception, strict quality management is the company's products over the years since the selling the world's fundamental guarantee. After years of hard work, the company has made in 2002, exports of canned Q91 production code, and the U.S. FDA to register.
  The southern region has unique resources, mushrooms and fruits, together with supporting equipment, the company gradually increased production capacity, is now an annual canned more than 8,000 tons, the annual export volume of $ 3,000,000 in production scale, at present, the company is committed to continuously developing new products to meet the international market for the new demands of the Chinese fruit and vegetable food.
  Mr. Chen Yongli, chairman of the peasant entrepreneurs over the years his vision and strategic outreach to eligible open minds, strengthen management, to enable enterprises to gain a significant development.